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The History of Microbiology



Topic Assignments




1. Read the text assignment by instructor.


Your textbook



2. Browse through the 50 most significant events in the past 125 years of microbiology at Microbe World. Select one event that interests you.


Select an article under “More Information” for that event. Read that article and write a one paragraph summary of it.


Microbiology’s 50 Most Significant Events 1875–Present



3. Watch the videos on Ignaz Semmelweis and Joseph Lister below.


What did Lister know that Semmelweis did not?


What were the contributions of each doctor to infection control?


Surgery - Semmelweis and Lister Part 1


Surgery - Semmelweis and Lister (part 2)



4. Review the slide shows

Key Figures In The History of Microbiology


In Focus: The Germ Theory of Disease




5. Listen to the podcast on the origin of The Germ Theory of Disease.


What is the main point that the speaker made?

The Germ Theory of Disease


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4          Review slide show