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VUMIE Nervous System Infections

Nervous system diseases involve the invasion of the nervous system by pathogens from other systems.  This may involve blood-borne pathogens passing through the blood-brain barrier, or microbes gaining access through injury or surgery.  Though some microbes posses potent virulence factors allowing such invasion and infection, most are unable to cause nervous system infections.

In this activity, you will explore a case study centered on a nervous system infection.  How did the pathogen gain access to the central nervous system?  Only your case study and work in the Virtual Lab can answer that!  

Open the VUMIEtm 2012 software and turn in the Micro Digital Media lab manual to Exercise 29.  

Your instructor will direct you on whether to turn in the Virtual Lab Report or completed MDM Exercise 29 pages.  

When done, you may be asked to take a quiz over this material.