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VUMIE Innate Immunity

As just described, innate or nonspecific immunity revolves around natural barriers and secretions and activities that protect us in a nonspecific way.  Consider this to be "zone defense", where any pathogen or invader or foreign substance is equally-capable of activating the process and all are treated in the same way. This is in contrast to adaptive or specific immunity, where the immune reaction is very specific and tailored to the offending invader.  This is more like "man-to-man defense" because the overwhelming majority of specific immune cells (T-cells and B-cells) do nothing during an invasion by a pathogen - only the clone of cells whose cell surface receptor is a perfect match for the antigen of the pathogen is going to be responding to the pathogen.

To go a little deeper in the study of innate immunity, complete Micro Digital Media Exercise 23.

Your instructor will alert you to the documentation s/he expects from this work, whether VUMIEtm 2012 Virtual Lab Report, or MDM Exercise 23, or other.  

When you are done, you may be asked to take the quiz over this material.