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Scavenger Hunt:  Microbial Physiology

Click here to open the Scavenger Hunt:  Microbial Physiology.


The form will open up as a pdf file, usually in Acrobat Reader®.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader®, please download and install before attempting this activity.

NOTE:  We recommend filling in your form using a computer rather than your smart phone.  However, you may find your smart phone useful for taking photos and accessing data when you visit stores.

NOTE:  When you have completed adding your input to the form, you will not be able to save a copy with your answers by clicking on the "save" button.  

Instead, we suggest the following:

1. Click the "Print" option instead.  

When the Print dialog box appears, select as your printer the option of "Adobe PDF".  By doing this you will "print" your completed form by converting it to completed pdf document file.  

2. When prompted about where to save your pdf, choose a location where it can be found easily at a later date.  

3. You will be given the opportunity to change the name of your pdf file.  Modify the file name by adding your first initial and last name to the file name.  This will allow your instructor to identify which pdf for this Scavenger Hunt belongs to you.  

4. Click "print" and verify that the file was saved as expected and that the content you typed into the fields is present.

5. Save a copy of the completed Scavenger Hunt pdf for yourself and email a copy to your instructor.