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VUMIE: Bacterial Anatomy

VUMIE 2012 allows exploration of several aspects of bacterial anatomy through the use of the MDM lab manual Exercise 4 Bacterial Anatomy, Morphology, and Arrangement.  

Anatomy refers to the fine structure of a bacterial cell - structure of its cell wall and flagella, for instance.  

Morphology refers to its appearance or form - whether cocci or bacilli, for instance.  

Arrangement refers to the relation of cells to one another following cell division - in some instances bacteria completely separate (resulting in single cells), while in others the bacteria remain attached (resulting in chains and clusters).  

All of this is important when pursuing identification of an unknown bacterium.

Complete Exercise 4 of MDM following your instructor's directions.  You will note that this exercise will require use of materials outside MOC-Lab.  We recommend you consult MOC-Lecture and your course textbook for reliable answers to the questions.


When finished, you may be asked to take a quiz over VUMIE Bacterial Anatomy.