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VUMIE Simulation of Aseptic Technique:  Tube-Plate Transfers

VUMIE 2012 provides the most realistic simulation of aseptic technique found in software today.  All aspects of an actual aseptic transfer must be faithfully recreated by actions in the Virtual Lab in order to inoculate cultures without contamination.  Mistakes that would get you into trouble in the wetlab will always get you into trouble in the Virtual Lab.  And every mistake made by omission or commission is reported on the Virtual Lab Report.  So do not take short cuts or be sloppy in your technique, because you will get caught!

We recommend that students become familiar with expectations for aseptic technique by first watching the videos of aseptic techniques from a microbiology teaching lab found in the previous activity.  Once you "get the hang" of how a transfer is accomplished, go to the "Show Me How" videos and webpages in VUMIEtm 2012 Help.


After watching the videos of virtual aseptic transfers, open the MDM lab manual and complete "Exercise 3 Aseptic Technique:  Tube-to-Plate Transfers".


Once you feel you have mastered the aseptic technique of tube-tube transfers, you may be asked to take a quiz on VUMIE Tube-Plate Transfers.