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Intro to the MOC-Lab Ways to Deliver Online Micro
  Intro to VUMIE 2012
Lab Safety Safety in the Microbiology Laboratory
  Safety in Kitchen Microbiology
Microbes Around Us Scavenger Hunt - Microbes Around Us
Aseptic Technique Aseptic Transfers in the Microbiology Lab
  VUMIE Tube-Tube Transfers
  VUMIE Tube-Plate Transfers
  Kitchen Microbiology - General Instructions
  Kitchen Microbiology - Aseptic Technique
Microbial Anatomy VUMIE Bacterial Anatomy
  Scavenger Hunt - Microbial Anatomy
Microbial Physiology Basics of Microbial Metabolism
  Basics of Bacterial Growth
  VUMIE Sugar Metabolism
  VUMIE Amino Acid Metabolism
  VUMIE Ox-Phos
  Scavenger Hunt - Microbial Physiology
  Kitchen Microbiology - Microbial Physiology
Controlling Growth VUMIE Controlling Growth
  Scavenger Hunt - Controlling Growth
  Kitchen Microbiology - Controlling Growth
Gram Negative Identification VUMIE Strategies for Gram Negative Identification
  VUMIE Triple Sugar Iron Agar
  VUMIE IMViC Series
Gram Positive Identification VUMIE Strategies for Gram Positive Identification
  VUMIE Blood Agar
  VUMIE Mannitol Salt Agar
  VUMIE Bile Esculin
Rapid Identification Methods VUMIE "Save the Patient"
Antimicrobial Agents VUMIE Antimicrobial Agents
  Scavenger Hunt - Antimicrobial Agents
  Kitchen Microbiology - Antimicrobial Agents
Immunity VUMIE Innate Immunity
  VUMIE Adaptive Immunity
  Scavenger Hunt - Immunizations
Infections and Epidemiology Texas Pandemic Flu Simulator
  VUMIE Infectious Disease
  VUMIE Virulence Factors
  Scavenger Hunt - Infections and Epidemiology
Diseases of Organ Systems VUMIE Cardiovascular Diseases
  VUMIE Respiratory Diseases
  VUMIE GI Infections
  VUMIE UTI Infections
  VUMIE Nervous System Infections
  Scavenger Hunt - Infections of Organ Systems
Scientific Communication Importance of Ethical Scientific Communication
  Finding Reliable Online Scientific Information 
  Scavenger Hunt - Scientific Information
  VUMIE Creating Scientific Posters