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More About Micro Online Complete

MOC-Lecture and MOC-Lab are two separate products delivered by this website.  Some institutions may choose to adopt both products to deliver an online microbiology course.  Others may choose to adopt one or both products to enrich a conventional or blended (part online, part in lab) course.  And it is entirely likely that microbiology students from schools not adopting the packages will buy one or the other component to serve as a resource to improve their success in the course.  All three audiences will benefit from the resources and instruction and approaches used in the MOC packages.

The two packages may be purchased separately and can be used by any student with a purchased serial number, whether their college has adopted the software or not.  The student account allows them to access the purchased package from any computer via secure login.  Note that MOC-Lab requires VUMIEtm 2012 software purchased separately.  It can be downloaded and installed on as many Mac and Windows computers as desired, but the username and password allow the student to only access the software and their account on one computer at a time.  

Use this link to learn more about the concept and approach of MOC-Lecture.

Use this link to learn more about the concept and approaches used in MOC-Lab.